Legends of The Tanbark Trail

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I haven't been able to put the book down! I'm glad that someone has finally done something like this. Great work!
Derik Melson, OK

"Your Legends of the Tanbark Trail is truly one-of-a-kind and a masterpiece. Until now, nothing like this has been available to those with  a similar passion for the great show cattle and the  people that have bred, shown and successfully promoted them on the tanbark."
Wayne E. Sliker, OH

"I commend your effort in putting this all together and I hope through this book the younger generation will have a greater appreciation for those that paved the way for their success today."
Rhonda Hetts Shore, WI
"The day I received it, I stayed up until mid-night reading it. It brought back many memories."
George Barlass, WI
"It is a fantastic book! My parents would have been extremely pleased with your dedication and keen attention to details exhibited in the compilations of researching the history of the U.S. Dairy Cattle Show."
Barry Hull, NY
"I hope the younger people would enjoy all the information, as well as the stories and experiences as much as someone like myself has. It was fun reliving the great years of the past. Again - congratulations on a job well done!"
R. Peter Heffering,ONT
"Your Legends of the Tanbark Trail book is FABULOUS!! Both Stuart and I have been absorbed in it ever since finding it in our mailbox, and what a remarkable treasure it is . . . and always will be for cattle people everywhere!  Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece!!" 
Stuart and Emily Rowe, CA

"This well done and information-packed book is an absolute winner! What a truly valuable addition to the permanent archives of the dairy breed industry! Thank goodness this material was captured and put on paper for posterity!"
Russell Gammon, Jersey Canada, ONT
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